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What's the difference between Lonsdor K518ISE and Lonsdor K518S?

K518ISE VS K518S


1, Both of K518ISE and K518S include basic software and charge software. 

2, Basic software will be free for life, and charge software need to pay subscription fee after trial period.

3, Both of K518ISE and K518S have one year trial period for charge software.



1, Retail price for K518S is USD$699, for K518ISE is USD$1299.

2, Subscription cost for K518S is USD$600, for K518ISE is USD$480.

3, Subscription for K518S is “Rent” concept, customer need to pay the charge software every year.

    Subscription for K518ISE is “Buy” concept,  the software covered will be free for life and no need to pay again.

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