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VW IMMO5 Key/Smart key programming-Help File

VW IMMO5 Key/Smart key programming-Help File

This help file basically includes 2 parts: Function and Attention.



1. Backup immodata: read and save immodata;

2. Make dealer key: write the saved immodata into an blank key, to make it a dedicated key that can be programmed;

3.Key learn: key programming operation;

4. Clear airbag fault code: clear the airbag fault tips on the car dashboard.


Support vehicle reference:

A4 2012

A8 12 - 2016

A4L 2015 smart card



1. All keys need to learn, or it won’t be able to start the vehicle, it is recommended to learn the original car keys and then learn the new key, make sure battery is well installed.

2. The newly added key must be either the dealer key made via the car BCM data, or the key ordered back through the VIN code. 

3. When learning key, it is required to insert the key into the induction keyhole, to learn a smart key, remove the machanical rotate key from the induction keyhole if any and then insert the smart key to program.